Stalker Radar Coptrax

Stalker Radar Coptrax In Car Video complete solution integrating body worn video, real time video streaming and evidence management into one package.

Stalker Radar Coptrax In Car Video

Stalker Radar Coptrax Police In Car Video
This is a complete in car video system with:
– High definition video with small file sizes.
– Automatic video upload.
– 24 Hour background recording for no lost video.
– Powerful onboard computer.
– Evidence files are safe, secure and department owned.
– On board crash sensor and battery backup.
– Integrates with body worn video.
– Evidence management and remote real time

Stalker Radar Coptrax Body Worn Video

Coptrax Body Worn Video
High-definition video evidence with keep-it-simple operation.
– Still-photo mode and audio-only
– Stand-alone system, or integrated into CopTrax In-Car Video System.
– One-button record start and stop
– Up to 11 hours of recording time on a single charge
– 128° field of view
– Pre-event and post-event recording
– 32Gb of storage for up to 17 hours of recording
– Powerful Device Manager software
– Covert mode

Stalker Radar Coptrax Command and Control Centre

CopTrax Command & Control Centre
– Evidence management
– Live streaming video from the patrol vehicle
– Automated wireless file transfer
– GeoFence monitoring and live text alerts
– Store evidence on your own in house server or Microsoft CJIS Cloud
– Share video evidence through secure URL’s
– Event reconstruction with GPS tracking
– Time-synch multiple video events on a single playback window
– Use your data for analysis and visualisation
– Video retention policies and overrides
– Automatic archiving to network storage
– Integrated video and audio redaction

Video Resolution 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 in high definition
Camera Inputs 3 (2 standard + 1 optional)
Wireless microphones 2 (1 standard + 1 optional)
Impact Sensor Yes
Backup Battery Yes
Locking Connectors Yes
Background Record / redundant record Yes – up to 24 hours of background record
Pre-event Configurable up to 2 minutes
Shutdown Timer Configurable up to 4 hours
Record Method Records to solid state DVR – no moving parts
Front camera FOV 140° panoramic or 60° with 12X optical zoom (120X digital zoom)
Stalker Body Worn Camera Support Yes
IP camera support Yes
External monitor support Yes – 7" touchscreen
Connection to PC Ethernet
Minimum Laptop Requirement Windows 7/8/10 – 32 Bit4GB RAMi-3 Series processor(if used with laptop)

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