Vehicle Counters

A range of vehicle counters to suit most applications from leaders in the field:
– Diamond Traffic Products
– Trafx.
– Stalker Radar.
Ballinger Technology offers traffic counting using a range of sensors including: Tube, loop and no in or on road sensor alternatives like radar. We also cater for mixed traffic applications where vehicle and bicycle counts are required.

The Diamond Traffic Products TT-2 is a stalwart of the traffic counting industry. Utilising a single tube it provides a cost effective, reliable and robust way to count low volume traffic.

Capable of using multiple loops the Diamond Traffic Products TT-200 offers fixed site traffic counting over more than one lane in a simple to use package.

Suited to mixed traffic applications where vehicle and bicycle counts are required.
Ideal for Parks and Wildlife, dirt roads or permanent installations.

Road Runner 3 from Diamond Traffic Products lives up to its name. Fast and simple installation equates to less time on the road. This is a versatile 2 tube vehicle classifier that has the features of the products it competes with along with a large data storage capacity.

Austroads binning formats are available as well as the ability for users to tailor their own vehicle and speed classification bins.

This instrument comes with free traffic analysis software.


The Diamond Traffic Products Omega G multi tube road tube counter, offers time stamped datalogging with the ability to count or classify up to 2 lanes.

TRAFx Vehicle Counters offer vehicle counting with no in road sensors. Aimed at parks and wildlife applications they are a small, easily installed instrument with a simple down load process. The TRAFx Datanet online analysis software has become an industry standard where these counters are used.

This instrument comes with free setup and download software and access to the industry leading Datanet traffic analysis software when purchased as a package. Combine your vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian counts into one set of data.


RVC: Radar Vehicle Classifier is a radar based vehicle counter and classifier. Standalone, with it’s own solar panel and power supply, the RVC is ideal for both urban and remote vehicle studies. This system can be set to monitor vehicles, bikes or pedestrians.

Stalker Radar’s Stationary Statistics Sensor collects and stores data. Analysis is carried out using the Traffic Analyst software.

The Stalker Radar Stationary Statistics Sensor is a combined speed sensor and traffic counter/classifier. Use it for vehicle speed sensing, log traffic statistics, or combine it with a sign. This all in one solution melds what others have separated into 2 or 3 different packages into one user friendly system.

This system includes free traffic analysis software with every instrument purchased.