Stalker Radar SAM Trailer Mounted Signs

Stalker Radar SAM Trailer Mounted Signs

The Stalker Radar SAM Trailer Mounted Signs are mobile driver awareness signs with the option of vehicle counting and classifying and sideways view sign.

These signs offer visibility over an extended range. The option of solar panels means that they can be left in the field indefinitely.

With the ability to count and classify passing traffic they are a moving data collection centre that can collect statistics on their own effectiveness at the sites they are used at.

Full Matrix, Pulse Width Modulation
Stalker Traffic Speed Sensor K-Band Doppler Radar
Dedicated hand-held controller
The option of a rotating sign.
4D deep-cycle 12-volt batteries
Optional solar panels
Graffiti-resistant paint
4 Stabilizing / Levelling Jacks
Retractable/removeable tongue
Width1.3 metres
Length2.95m with tongue in travel position
1.5m without tongue in display position
Height2.31 mettes
Main FrameMild Steel Tube
Display Cabinet
Material Thickness 4mm ABS Plastic
Height91 cm
Width65 cm
Depth13 cm
Legibility305 metres
Lexan Window thickness3.2 mm
Cabinet temperature delta+/- 20°
Energy Source
Battery Bank4D Deep-Cycle Battery
Autonomy18 days @ 25°C
Radar - Stalker Traffic Speed Sensor
Detection Distanceup to 800 metres
Beam Width12° Circular

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Stalker Radar SAM Display
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Stalker Radar SAM Batteries
SAM Battery
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SAM Solar

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