Pedestrian Counters

Infra Red pedestrian counters for paths and trails. We offer both active and passive IR covering short and long distance applications. All have datalogging and can be used for mixed bike and pedestrian paths with the data from bike counters being used to provide a complete picture of what number of pedestrians and bikes are using the path.

For combined pedestrian and bicycle counts the TRAFx Trail counter offers a solution that will count both, but not separate.

Combine this with the Diamond TT-200 or the TRAFx bicycle counter for defined bike and pedestrian counts.

This instrument comes with free setup and download software and access to the industry leading Datanet traffic analysis software when purchased as a package. Combine your vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian counts into one set of data.

The Diamond Traffic Products TTC-4430 is one of the longest lived pedestrian counters available. Proven in harsh environments world wide, it offers a active IR sensing with datalogging as an option.

RVC: Radar Vehicle Classifier is a radar based vehicle counter and classifier. Standalone, with it’s own solar panel and power supply, the RVC is ideal for both urban and remote vehicle studies. This system can be set to monitor vehicles, bikes or pedestrians.

Stalker Radar’s Stationary Statistics Sensor collects and stores data. Analysis is carried out using the Traffic Analyst software.

The Stalker Radar Stationary Statistics Sensor offers an solution to areas where IR won’t work. Inbuilt datalogging and free data analysis software makes this a very attractive package.