Stalker Radar Police Radar

Stalker Radar are world leaders in Police Radar. Rich in features their mobile radar and hand held radar offer a robust solution to speed enforcement. Utilising cutting edge technology they offer accuracy, long range and options other suppliers don’t. With over 30 years working with and selling Law Enforcement speed technology Ballinger Technology has the most experienced staff and background of any company operating in this field in Australia.


The Stalker Radar DSR mobile radar is one of the best selling mobile radars on the market. Running 1 or 2 antennas this fully directional radar is packed with features like:
– Same or opposite direction.
– Track through lock.
– Fastest Speed.
– VSS input.

The Stalker Radar Stalker II hand held radar offers all the features of a directional mobile radar in a hand held package. With the ability to double as a mobile it offers the best of both worlds.

Stalker Radars 2X mobile radar offers all the features of a high end mobile radar in a package that can work looking ahead and behind at the same time . An enhancement on the Stalker DSR the 2X lets the operator run 2 antennas simultaneously and display what both antennas are seeing at the same time.
This radar incorporates a patented rear vehicle approaching warning system for enhancing operator safety.

A range of LED displays from Stalker Radar and Ballinger Technology. These portable displays can be used to enhance driver awareness programs when used in conjunction with Law Enforcement radar. Ask us about our new displays!