Stalker Radar Driver Awareness Sign

Stalker Radar Driver Awareness sign.

The Stalker Radar Driver Awareness Sign incorporates sign, radar, vehicle count and classification, solar and telemetry in a simple pole mount package.

Available in 3 sizes a high brightness sign that is daylight visible is the centre piece with the Stalker Radar Stationary Statistics Sensor as the speed sensor and counter/classifier.

Data analysis is carried out using Stalker Radar’s Traffic Analyst, a full featured traffic analysis package for data retrieval, formatting and analysis.

These signs offer a solution to most requirements encountered by clients specifying a speed awareness sign for either permanent or temporary installation.

Full matrix display for messaging or graphics.
Configuration through PC application or iOS and Android App
· Create custom messages and animation
· Set and run schedules
· Oversee solar/battery status
· Manage radar options and traffic data
The DAS has enough internal storage memory (up to 64 GB) to collect and retain this data for months in heavy traffic.
The DAS will collect traffic statistics at the same time it is performing its messaging operation.
Traffic data can be turned into meaningful reports using the Stalker Easy Analyst Software
Local Configuration and Data Access via USB connection
Simulated Camera flash.
3 different sizes
Power options to fit your needs.
The DAS has two power module ports that allow the DAS to be configured to operate from various power options.
The DAS can be powered by any single or combination of two of these four methods depending on ordering options.
- Direct to vehicle Cigarette lighter power (12V)
- External AC
- Internal AC
- Solar Panel
Display sizes304 mm
381 mm
457 mm
LED count304 mm 756
381 mm 1050
457 mm 1488
LED organization 304mm 21 rows by 36 columns
381mm 25 rows by 42 columns
457mm 31 rows by 48 columns
Display color Amber, 590 nm
Maximum intensity (typical) 4000 mcd
Intensity controls Fixed, Auto, and Combo
Light dispersion ±15 degrees Horizontal
±15 degrees Vertical
Display height 304 mm
381 mm
457 mm
Display width 304 mm 470 mm
381 mm 584 mm
457 mm 647 mm
Power Consumption
Idle (no display) 1.6 Watts
Display 88, 100% brightness 304 mm 14 Watts
381 mm 20 Watts
457 mm 26 Watts
Operating voltages 12 VDC or 90-240 VAC
Radar Characteristics
Frequency 24.125 MHz ±100 MHz
Output power 10 mW
Directional Approaching + receding
Typical range 183 m
Beam width 32° H x 30° V
Statistical Tracking capability 10 vehicles simultaneously
Physical Characteristics
Case Height 304 mm 409 mm
381 mm 490 mm
457 mm 560 mm
Case width 304 mm 540 mm
381 mm 650 mm
457 mm 770 mm
Depth, base unit excl. bracket 31mm
Depth, power module installed 54mm
Mounting Bracket depth 44 mm
Weight, excl. mounting bracket 304 mm 4.22 kg
381 mm 6 kg
457 mm 7.9 kg
Window Color Clear
Window material 4.5mm acrylic
Case Color White
Case material 2.3mm aluminum, powder coat finish
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature range -30°C to +50°C
Ingress rating range IP65 Waterproof

Stalker Radar Traffic Analyst
Traffic Analyst
Stalker Radar PMD Display
PMD Display
Stalker Radar PMD Lock
PMD lock
Stalker Radar PMD remote
PMD Remote
Stalker Radar PMD mount
PMD Mount

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