Stalker Radar Pro II Sensor

Stalker Pro II sensor

The Stalker Radar ProII Sensor is a sports radar that gives you tennis, cricket and baseball ball speed as well as vehicle speed, in a fixed mount package. Used extensively throughout Australia in state and national cricket centres.

Fully programmable via laptop or PC, when interfaced to a speed display it presents a formidable training tool no matter what level of sport you are working in.

Stalker Radar Scoreboard APP

Scoreboard Software provides a tool for displaying speeds, setting up the Pro II sensor and datalogging.
Combined with Bluetooth communications it gives the user the ability to remotely view data from the sensor in real time.

Pro II Hand held in a permanent mount package.
PC application available for configuration and communication
with the radar.
Reports speeds in MPH, km/s, knots, feet/second, or meters/second in whole units or tenths resolution.
Measures speeds up to 1432 KPH.
Directional - tracks objects moving in either direction.
Reports Live (Rolldown), Peak, highest peak speeds in one direction, or hit speeds in opposite direction.
Detects baseballs to 152 metres and average-sized automobiles to 2.8 kilometres.
Wide range of High and Low Speed Thresholds to focus on speed range of interest.
Tracks everything from car-sized objects (and larger) to BBs.
Automatic cosine angle adjustment compensates for both off-horizontal and off-vertical angle readings
Waterproof; Ka-Band, 34.6 GHz; 15mW nominal power output; ±0.3% accuracy.
Connect multiple radars in point-to-multipoint configuration (RS-485)
Multiple streaming data protocols.
General Specifications:
Product TypeStationary Doppler Radar Speed Sensor
ProcessorDigital Signal Processor
Operating Temperatures-30°C to +70°C, 90% relative humidity
Storage Temperatures-40°C to +85°C
Microwave Specifications:
Operating Frequency34.7 GHz (Ka-band)
Frequency Stability±100 MHz
Antenna TypeConical Horn
3 db Beam Width12°±1°
Microwave SourceGunn-Effect Diode
Receiver TypeTwo direct-conversion homodyne receivers using four low-noise
Schottky barrier mixer diodes
Power Output10 mW minimum
15 mW nominal
25 mW maximum
Power Density1 mW/cm2 maximum at 5 cm from lens
Performance Specifications:
Speed RangeMin target speed: < 5 KPH
Max target speed: 1280+ KPH
Accuracy+/- 0.3%
In ones resolution, speeds are rounded to nearest integer.
In tenths resolution, speeds are rounded to nearest tenth.
Maximum Clocking 150 metresfor baseballs
2.8 kilometres for an average auto
Audio OutputRaw 3.3 V analog audio output signal is provided for Doppler audio – must be filtered and amplified for best audio quality.
Speed Alarm OutputWith speeds at or above the Alarm Threshold, the Aux pin is 3.3V and can drive 10mA.
Electrical Specifications:
Supply Voltage9 – 28 VDC
Current (at 12 VDC nominal)Transmitter On: 390 mA
Transmitter Off: 138 mA
Physical Specifications:
Diameter6.7 cm
Length11.8 cm
Case MaterialAluminium die cast

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