Stalker Radar Lidar

Stalker Radar Lidar, Pinpoint accuracy with the Stalker RLR and Stalker XLR lidars. Urban and country with target distance and speed displayed in the HUD. If you only wanted one device to meet all policing stationary speed measurement requirements Lidar is it.

With over 30 years working with and selling Law Enforcement speed technology Ballinger Technology has the most experienced staff and background of any company operating in this field in Australia.

With pin point accuracy the Stalker Radar RLR Lidar, is a step forward in size, battery life and ergonomics. Incorporating the latest in Lidar features the RLR is Stalkers most versatile LIDAR.

Stalker Radar’s XLR Lidar is the workhorse of many police departments around the world. Including many of the features of the RLR in a less expensive package, the XLR suits the department that wants a good reliable LIDAR at a lower price point.

A range of LED displays from Stalker Radar and Ballinger Technology. These portable displays can be used to enhance driver awareness programs when used in conjunction with Law Enforcement lidar. Ask us about our new displays!