Stalker Radar Sports Radar

Stalker Sports Radar used extensively tennis, baseball, cricket and motor racing speeds has a sports radar to meet most budgets from pro to amateur. The chosen brand of radar by cricket associations, tennis coaches and baseball clubs around Australia, Stalker Radars range of sports radar has something to meet most requirements and budgets. With installations throughout Australia, Ballinger Technology are well placed to advise you on what product best suits your application.

The Stalker Pro II Sports Radar is the choice of professionals around the world. As a sports analysis tool or as a general speed measurement tool the Pro II radar is a solid, dependable and most importantly accurate radar. Now with the added ability of measuring ball spin.

For the sporting club or coach looking for a radar to enhance their own programs, the Stalker Radar Sport 2 offers a radar that is accurate and reliable, but at a lower price point when compared to the ATS II or Pro 2 radars.

A true sports analysis tool, the Stalker Radar ATS II sports radar records data, for analysis or streams it in real time to the ATS II analysis software. Used by sports analysts, the racing car industry and cricket and tennis groups throughout Australia it enhances and adds to features available on the PRO II.

As a radar for permanent installations the Stalker Radar PROII Sensor offers all the functionality of the Pro II handheld radar, in a permanent mount package. Coupled with a display and the ability to stream data it is the tool of choice for sports media companies and groups looking to display data as well as record it.

A range of LED speed displays from both Stalker Radar and Ballinger Technology enhances all the sports radar products we sell giving them the ability to instantly display to the user speed data in a format visible to everyone. Ask us about our new displays!