TRAFx Vehicle Counter

Trafx Vehicle Counter

The TRAFX Vehicle Counter remotely senses passing vehicles making it ideal for unmade roads. Trafx’s Datanet software is used to analyse data data and link studies once downloaded to the Trafx Dock.

With the ability to count passenger cars at a distance of up to 8 metres. No in or on road sensors eliminates lost counts through sensor damage as well as lowering the cost of overall installation. To further reduce costs and loss of data the Trafx dock will download a number of counters and save the data for analysis with Datanet. A laptop, tablet or phone are not required with the Dock being standalone in the field.

This instrument comes with free setup and download software and access to the industry leading Datanet traffic analysis software when purchased as a package. Combine your vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian counts into one set of data.

Counts one or two lanes
Self-contained design, no external wires or tubes
Install at roadside, above or below ground
Maximum range: 8m
Ideal for rural, rugged and remote roads
Use as permanent or portable counter
Very small and easy to hide — reduces vandalism risk
Long battery life (up to 1.2 years)
Rechargeable battery compatible for a greener footprint.
Large storage capacity (millions of counts)
Built for outside: -40C to +55C
Low operating costs
Field-proven, Generation 4 design (>10 year history)
Used worldwide, from Iceland to New Zealand
Size14cm x 10.5cm x 5cm
Weight250g (without batteries)
PowerThree "C size" alkaline batteries (e.g., Energizer)
Battery Life13 to 15 months max. with three C alkalines
36 months max. with one D lithium (custom.)
Detection Range8m max. for most passenger vehicles
Data TypeASCII; .txt file type
Digital Memory DesignData and settings are retained even
when batteries are replaced or die
Time KeepingQuartz clock; 10ppm accuracy @ 20C
Operating Temperature-40C to +55C
Sensor TypeLow-field geomagnetic
CommunicationsRS232 serial; 115,000 baud
OtherGold-plated circuitboard; two coats silicon (anti-moisture);
ESD protection and short circuit protection; RoHS (lead-free)
Limited Warranty1 year; covers manufacturing defects.
EMI ComplianceFCC, IC, CE

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