C CAN CAN Bus Interface

The C CAN CAN Bus Interface and Control Module is a multi function automotive CAN Bus interface. It can be tailored for different applications or provided preconfigured for High Beam Detect driving light control, Run While Locked, Battery Voltage monitoring and Canopy Door Open Alarm applications or a mix of all 3.

The C CAN CAN Bus Interface/Vehicle Control Module. A CAN Bus interface that can be tailored to your application.

High Beam Detect C CAN CAN Bus interface/Vehicle Control Module simplifies driving light control.

Canopy Door Open Alarm C CAN CAN Bus Interface/Vehicle Control Module integrates park brake off, ignition or engine running with canopy door open and an alert output.

Run While Locked C CAN includes all the features you expect from a Run While Locked application with Key Learn for vehicles with keys that will not lock with the engine running.

Car Battery Voltage Monitoring C CAN CAN Bus Interface/Control Module provides individual low and high voltage control on up to 8 outputs.