Stalker Radar DSR Mobile Radar

The Stalker Radar DSR mobile radar is a true directional radar. Incorporating a fully directional antenna with the latest DSP processing techniques, the DSR has a targeting range that exceeds many of it’s competitors.

This is supported by sophisticated target analysis and quality control for measuring speed in either stationary mode, mobile closing mode or mobile same direction mode.

To overcome interference seen in radars with analogue communications between teh antenna and the main processing unit the antenna uses serial communication to transmit digitised speed data rather than analogue communication. Along with a unique antenna design which reduces beam spread all mean what you think you are targeting is what you are targeting.

Other features include an In Car Video interface, Calibraton Due lock out and a voice verification of the lock state.

Direction Sensing Technology
Same-Lane Tracking Operation
Stationary Direction Control
Strongest and Faster Targets Simultaneously Displayed and/or locked.
Same Lane Mode
True Doppler Audio
Vehicle Speed Sensing (VSS) Operation
Provides Voice Verification of the Antenna, Radar Mode, and Direction
Track-Thru Lock,
Small Counting Unit with Removable Display
Serial Port, In Car Video compatable.
Software Upgradeable
General Specifications
TypeDual Antenna Direction Sensing Moving/Stationary Doppler Radar
Operating Frequency33.4 GHz - 36.0 GHz (Ka-Band)
Stability±100 MHz (Ka-Band)
Power Requirements (with 2 Antennas)10.0 to 16.4 VDC. (currents are typical at 13.6 VDC): XMIT with all displays on: 1.28A XMIT with all displays off: 1.08A XMIT with moving target: 1.15A XMIT with no target: 1.11A Standby with no target: .8A
Total Power Consumption1.28A
Environmental-30° to +70° C, 90% Relative Humidity Operating -40° to +85° C, non-operating
DisplayTriple (red, green, amber) 3-digit Light Emitting Diode (LED) for target, lock, and patrol, plus LED icons
MechanicalDisplay Unit Weight - 226 grams Size - 42mm Height, 27mm Depth, and 140mm Width
Counting Unit Weight - 725 grams Size - 42mm Height, 99mm Depth, and 140mm Width
Antenna Weight - 635 grams Size - 63mm Dia. X 120mm Length
Remote Weight - 181 grams Size - 25mm Height, 157mm Length, and 57mm Width
Accuracy±1 km/h stationary, ±2 km/h moving
Automatic Self-TestPerformed every 10 minutes
Stationary Speed Range19.3 kph to 321.8 kph Standard or 3.2 kph to 321.8 kph (set-up menu selectable) Stationary Fastest Speed - Same speed range as stationary speed
Moving Speed Range:Patrol speed – Once acquired, will track to 241.4 kph. Acquisition speed is selectable with P.S. 5/20 key.
5 in patrol window for patrol speed acquisition speeds of 8 to 144.8 kph
10 in patrol window for patrol speed acquisition speeds of 16 to 144.8 kph
20 in patrol window for patrol speed acquisition speeds of 32 to 144.8 kph
Opposite lane target speed – 321.8 kph Max closing
For 8 kph patrol speed: 32 kph to 313.8 kph;
For 112.6 kph patrol speed: 56.3 kph to 209.2 kph.
Opposite lane Fastest Speed – Same speed range as opposite lane speed
Same lane target speed – Related to patrol speed: ±70% of patrol speed within 8 kph of patrol speed.
For 80.4 kph patrol speed: 24.1 → 72.4 kph and 88.5 → 136.7 kph.
Same lane patrol speed must be greater than 24.1 kph
Microwave Specifications:
AntennaConical horn with corrective lens
Antenna gain22 db
3 db Beam width12° ±1º
Microwave SourceGunn-Effect diode
Antenna Receiver TypeTwo Direct Conversion Homodyne receivers using four low-noise Schottky barrier mixer diodes
Power Output10 mW minimum
25 mW nominal
50 mW maximum
Radiated Output Power, 1.0 db. (Radiated output power does not change more than +/- 1.5 db when the source power changes +/- 20%.)
Power Density2 mW/cm2 maximum at 5 cm from lens

Stalker Radar DSR display
Stalker DSR display
Stalker Radar DSR Remote
Stalker DSR remote
Stalker Radar DSR Counting Unit
Stalker DSR Counting Unit

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