Stalker 6 degree Stationary Statistics Sensor

Stalker Radar 6 Degree Stationary Statistics Sensor

Stalker 6 Degree Stationary Statistics Sensors narrow, lane-specific 6° beam accurately detects and tracks vehicles in a single lane as well as logs data.

A narrow 6° beam, adjustments for mounting angle, and open-frame design allows flexible mounting options for OEM developers integrating it into their systems.

With multiple communication ports this instrument can be used to collect traffic data whilst at the same time drive a speed awareness sign and provide real time monitoring of traffic flow conditions.

The addition of Ballinger Technology’s data conversion interface lets OEMs easily integrate this sensor into products that use other radars brands. Ask us about meeting your data string requirements

Narrow 6° horizontal beam for single-lane applications
Internal data memory for standalone operation
Collects traffic volume, speeds, direction, and classification over time
Tracks up to 10 moving vehicles simultaneously
Collects data in four modes:
Always on
Only during set time period
Same time period every day
Only on selected days
5 bin vehicle size classification with proper sensor training
MPH, km/h, knots, m/s, ft/s
Output Ports: RS-232, RS-485, USB
11 streaming, 3 polled protocols for speed awareness sign or real time analysis applications.
Multiple quality control filters for tailoring to different sites
Internal realtime clock for data logging
Multiple mounting options for the M12 connector
Data viewing and analysis supported by the Stalker Traffic Analyst
Software upgradeable
1-Year parts and labor warranty
General Specifications:
Size (LxWxD) w/o connector15.5 cm x 7.9 cm x 3.86 cm
Weight230 grams
Mountingslots for flexible OEM mounting
Environmental Specifications:
Operating Temperature-30° C to +85° C
Storage Temperature-40° C to +85° C
Performance Specifications:
Maximum Range400 metres
Minimum Speed1.6 km/h
Maximum Speed321.9 km/h
Speed Resolution0.16 km/h
Speed Accuracy+/- 0.8 km/h +/-0.3%
DirectionalityApproaching, Receding, Both
Power Specifications:
Voltage10 to 45 volts, DC
Current250mA @ 12 VDC typical
Power< 3 watt
ProtectionsTransient protection
Reverse voltage protection
Resettable Fuse
Microwave Specifications:
Centre Frequency24.125 GHz
Frequency Span100 MHz
Transmit Power200 mW
Beam Width6° by 26°
Communication Ports:
4 Communications typesRS-485 full duplex (FD)
RS-485 half duplex (HD)
RS-232 with no flow control
Up to four simultaneous portsOne RS-485 FD, one RS-232, and one USB port
Two RS-485 HD, one RS-232, and one USB port
Baud Rates9.6K to 460.8K baud
Protocols11 streaming protocols
3 polled protocols
Any output protocol on any port
Sensor are addressable with multi-drop capabilities

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