Canopy Door Alarm C CAN Can Bus interface

“Canopy Door Alarm with park brake off,” with the C CAN CAN Bus interface and control module.

C CAN can be configured for “Canopy Door Alarm with park brake off,” on most vehicles for alerting the driver. Combined with a piezo buzzer “C CAN Canopy Door Alarm” uses a standard C CAN Module to detect park brake off, ignition or engine on as well as detecting canopy door open to produce an alarm output.

With C CANs ability to be tailored for different applications “Canopy Door Alarm” can be combined with other functions like “Run While Locked”, and “High Beam Detect,” for driving light control, all from the one unit.

C CAN’s features are configurable by uploading a configuration file via its onboard serial port. Combined with an inbuilt CAN Bus sniffer this makes interfacing to new vehicles a simple process.  

For customers wanting to tailor the module, we offer online support. This includes real time analysis of CAN Data, formulating a configuration file to suit your application, load and test. This service eliminates vehicle compatibility issues other manufacturers have and reduces turnaround times on new designs.

Dual read only CAN Bus Interface monitoring up to 7 different CAN Bus functions.
User programmable interface for vehicle type ending vehicle compatibility issues.
ie: Module is not locked to one vehicle type, but can be interfaced to most CAN Bus systems simply by searching that
CAN Bus for the CAN Data string required and writing that into the modules Configuration file.
CAN Bus speed to VSS pulse out standard on all modules.
Can Bus analysis is carried out on up to 4 byte numbers (8, 16, 24 or 32 bits) using:
Equal to.
Greater than.
Less than.
Adjustable quality and debounce timing for CAN inputs.
7 switch inputs for interfacing to vehicle systems or control switches.
Switch inputs can be configured to work with momentary or latching.
Adjustable debounce timing for switch inputs.
2 forms of serial input: RS232 and 5 - 12V DC serial.
4 +VE switching outputs.
4 -VE switching outputs.
2 High current relay outputs. (HC Version only.)
Create a multifunction control module controlling multiple peripherals in the vehicle using any of the outputs independent of each other. ie:
Output 1 = VSS (Speed out).
Output 2 flashing when the control switch at input 1 is on eg. for an LED indicator showing system status.
Output 3 = Park Brake on. (Canopy door alert.)
Outputs 4-6 combined = Ignition control. Run while locked.
Output 7 = High beam on. Driving light control.
Output 8 = brakes, park brake and accelerator pedal for antitheft.
Control outputs independent of each other with a logical output equation.
AND, OR, NAND, NOR and invert 1-4 inputs to switch an output on or off.
ie: Input 1 & Input 3 & Input 7 & Input 8 = output 2.
Output 2 is on if all inputs = on. Output 2 is off if any input is = off.
Combine output functions for applications that require more than one output to activate them ie: Run While Locked.
Flash Output function for applications that require outputs to flash on or off. Time base is adjustable.
Alternate flash function for applications that require outputs to flash in an alternating pattern with each other ie: one off and another on. Timebase is adjustable.
Pulse output momentarily on all outputs. Time base is adjustable.
Inbuilt LED indicators to show:
- Power.
- CAN Bus connected.
- Output state for each output.
- CAN Bus state for each CAN Bus input being analysed.
- Switch input state for each switch connected.
Inbuilt CAN Bus sniffer eliminating the need for expensive CAN Bus analysers.
Reconfigurable by Configuration file.
Can Bus interfacesC CAN: 1 interface.
C CAN+: 2 interfaces.
Both are read only ie: Passive.
CAN Bus standards compatibility Standard CAN
Standard CAN extended addressing.
CAN FD extended addressing.
Can Bus strings monitored:Up to 7.
Switched inputs:7 Switched inputs
configurable as:
- 7 positive in active.
- 4 +ve in active.
- 3 -ve in active.
Serial interface:RS 232 full duplex.
5 - 12V serial in only.
Output Fets:4 positive switching.
4 negative switching.
Output relays:2 relays with access to normally open, normally closed and common relay terminals. **
Output currentFets: 4 Amps per output.
Relays: 25 Amps each. **
Interface logicAND, OR, NAND or NOR up to 4 inputs for each output.
Voltage monitoring: 9 V to 16 Volts. 12V systems.
19V to 30V. 24V systems.
Available on all outputs.
Flash output functionAvailable on all outputs
Alternately flash output function.Available on all outputs
Combine outputs function.Available on all outputs.
Momentary output function.Available on all outputs
Voltage12V *
24V on request. *
Current55 ma running. *
Sleep mode current dependent on functions active in sleep.
Connector System1 X Molex Microfit connectors
1 X Molex Minifit Jnr connector
1 X Molex MegaFit connector. (HC version only)
Operating Temperature-20C to 80C
Storage Temperature -40C to +100C
Weight 100g
DimensionsH 33 mm x W 70 mm x L 88mm
Housing MaterialABS
* Nominal value only.
** HC Versions only.

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Terminal program:
FeaturesC CAN
Can Bus interfaces1122
Can Bus strings monitored:7777
Switch inputs:4477
Serial interface:1122
Output Fets:4488
Output relays:0202
Interface logicYesYesYesYes
Voltage monitoring: YesYesYesYes
Flash output functionYesYesYesYes
Alternately flash output function.YesYesYesYes
Combine outputs function.YesYesYesYes
Momentary output function.YesYesYesYes
Config fileYesYesYesYes
C CAN Complete