SDS CAN Speedometer

SDS CAN speedometer car

The SDS CAN Speedometer is a digital speedometer which incorporates an inbuilt CAN Bus and speed pulse interface. Designed for use on any vehicle there is a simple set up process for each of the interfaces. For law enforcement applications the SDS CAN Speedometer can be certified as accurate.

The CAN Bus and speed pulse inputs are universal in their application and are compatible with nearly all vehicles on the market. The versatility of the CAN Bus input means that new vehicles can be set up in a minimum of time.

All have a speed pulse out for interface to a mobile radars VSS input whether they use the CAN Bus or speed pulse interface. This helps departments standardise the fitout process. Unlike other CAN Bus interfaces that have VSS out the SDS CAN does not suffer from speed drop outs or slow VSS update rates.

SDS CAN speedometer bike

A water resistant version of the  SDS CAN is also available for use on motorcycles. Toggle switches are used for better feel with gloves.

Used by Police departments in Australia and internationally the SDS CAN offers a high level of accuracy and compatibility.

Made in Australia by Ballinger Technology
Speed measurement
Distance measurement .
Speed lock switch
Distance displayed to +/- 1 metre accuracy
Speed displayed to +/- 2 KPH accuracy.
Speed data transmitted over a serial output
Self test function
Interfaces to both vehicle speed pulse signals and CAN Bus.
High brightness 7 segment displays visible in direct sunlight
Vehicle speed signal output available.
Toggle switches for better feel with gloves on the motorcycle version.
Car and motorcycle versions.
Low power consumption
Vehicle interfacePulse.
Can Bus.
Accuracy+/- 2 KPH accuracy with the speed readings averaged over a 2 or 1 second period with a 0.5 second display update rate
Maximum speed300 KPH.
Display7 segment 4 digits.
Pulse outOpen Drain Fet.
DataSpeed and locked speed data. RS232 9600 8 N 1.
Power12 VDC operation
DimensionsCar type: 80mm W X 29mm D X 40mm H
Motorcycle type: 120mm W X 34mm D X 39mm H (Includes mounting flange)

SDS CAN speedometer car
SDS CAN speedometer bike

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