Ballinger Technology’s suppliers are: Stalker Radar, Diamond Traffic Products and TRAFx. We have a high level of expertise in their products.

Stalker Radar

Stalker Radar / Applied Concepts inc.
Stalker Radar are leaders in the fields of:
Sports Radar
Radar for Law Enforcement
LIDAR for Law Enforcement
Radar speed sensors
Radar for vehicle counting and classifying

Diamond Traffic Products

Diamond Traffic Products
Diamond Traffic Products specialise:
Loop and tube based vehicle counters
Loop, tube and piezo vehicle classifiers
Pedestrian counters
Car Park counters


Trafx are manufacturers of innovative vehicle, pedestrian and bike counters for use in bush environments. All have no in path sensors. Trafx’s suite of products include:
Vehicle counters
Bicycle Counters
Pedestrian counters

Ballinger Technology

Ballinger Technology
SDS CAN Speedometers
LED Displays