Automotive CAN Bus Interface

Automotive CAN Bus Interface

Automotive CAN Bus Interface are a tool for any OEM working with vehicles running CAN Bus networks. Our base module supports Police radar VSS. In many vehicles the ability to link to a pulse string or look at a switch activation to determine if something has happened in a car, truck or bus is no longer possible, with the CAN Bus providing a firewalled interface to the vehicles sensors.

Specialists in vehicle speed, Ballinger Technology has a CAN Bus module specifically aimed at Police Radar VSS. This module reliably outputs a speed pulse frequency proportional to vehicle speed under the most extreme conditions when most other interfaces stop outputting VSS.

Our base model incorporates an easy serial setup system from a laptop or PC and a speed pulse output. We can however customise the CAN Bus Interface to look for other data and activate an output dependent on what it sees.

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Base unit capable of outputting a variable frequency pulse string based on CAN bus derived speed.
Able to monitor other vehicle systems.
Base unit has one trigger out.
Systems available with either:
- Text based interface.
- Display and control environment
Configurable for:
- Standard CAN.
- Extended addressing.
Simple text based user interface.
Inbuilt CAN Analyser available.
CAN interface- Standard CAN.
- Extended addressing.
Housing- Metal.
Speed pulse output frequency.Approximately 2 Hz per KPH.
Speed AccuracyĀ±1 km/h
Trigger OutputOpen Drain FET.
Serial interface.RS232 9600 8 N 1.

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