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Stalker Patrol

The all new Stalker PATROL radar features:

  • All new, white-on-black high contrast display
  • LCD display technology
  • Increased daylight visibility
  • Auto-dimming feature
  • All new, waterproof K-Band antennas
  • Proprietary Digital Antenna Communication
  • One of the smallest on the market
  • Waterproof to 2 feet
  • First-ever USB antenna connections
  • Waterproof, high-speed, low-noise, and secure
  • Ergonomic backlit remote control
  • Standard CAN/VSS OBD II cable - perfect for patrol speed
  • 1-piece display/counting unit

The new Stalker PATROL utilizes Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology. The LCD readout provides an excellent contrast ratio in bright sunlight, with a dimmable backlight feature for easy nighttime viewing. Other LCDs have a fixed backlight while the Stalker PATROL allows the operator to select various levels of lighting to best fit the ambient light conditions.

Prior generation LCD technology also had a limited viewing angle, and once that angle was exceeded, the display became difficult to read. The viewing angle of the Stalker PATROL has been enhanced to allow the counting unit to be mounted in various positions within the patrol vehicle without loss of readability.

Vehicle Speed Sensing (VSS) Operation is Standard
Connecting the radar to power and VSS has never been simpler. Plug the Stalker CAN/VSS cable into the car's OBD II diagnostic port located under the dash on the driver's side, and you're done. No cables to splice, no wire harnesses to locate, just simple plug-n-play.

First-ever USB Antenna Connections

The new Stalker PATROL utilizes high-speed USB cables and connectors, another Stalker first. The USB technology, proven in the computer industry, provides low noise, high speed communications and data flow. Additionally, the antenna connections are waterproof, the entire assembly fast and secure. As with all Stalker innovations, USB technology assures a long life of product performance and reliability.

3 Window Faster Speed Tracking

Stalker's patented Faster Speed Tracking assists the operator in making proper target identification by displaying both the Strongest and highest-speed targets simultaneously on separate, high- readability display windows.

Serial Port
The serial RS-232 port can interface with most video cameras, computers, remote readouts, printers, etc.

True Doppler Audio
The Stalker PATROL compensates for patrol speed variations when generating the Doppler audio. Since the audio tones do not vary with patrol speed, the operator learns to correlate this true Doppler audio with target speed, which eliminates the need to constantly watch the display to determine target speed.

All New Waterproof K-Band USB Antennas

The Stalker engineers have developed the new K-Band digital antenna specifically for the Stalker PATROL. This new waterproof antennas utilize the same digital technology and shielding as our Ka-Band antennas, plus the innovative use of USB connectors for computer-proven high-speed data communications. In the process, the new antennas remain small and attractive - and one of the smallest K-Band horn type assembly antennas on the market.

Patented Digital Antenna Communication

The Stalker PATROL achieves superior range and noise immunity by digitizing the Doppler audio signal at the antenna and using a high-speed digital communication link to transmit data between the antenna and the counting unit.

Traditional two-piece radar units send a low-level Doppler audio signal from the antenna to the counting unit for processing and speed display. This method is susceptible to noise induced by the auto ignition, radio towers, and 2-way radio transmissions, which results in reduced range and increased potential for false targets.

By using digital antenna communication, we’ve virtually eliminated false signals and
improved the range of our products.

O-Ring Sealed Waterproof Design

The Stalker PATROL uses O-ring sealed, K-Band antennas. These compact, completely waterproof antennas include locking connectors and can be exterior mounted with no environmental concerns.


Dual Antenna Moving/Stationary Doppler Radar

Operating Frequency:

24.150 GHz (K-Band)


±100 Mhz (K-Band)

Power Requirements:

(With 2 Antenna)

9.0 to 16.0 VDC. (currents are typical at 12VDC)

XMIT ON: with maximum display brightness: 0.39A

XMIT ON: with minimum display brightness: 0.29A

XMIT OFF: with maximum display brightness: 0.24A

XMIT OFF: with minimum display brightness: 0.13A


-30 to +70 C, 90% Relative Humidity Operating at 37 C

-40 to +85 C, non-operating


Sunlight viewable WHITE on BLACK Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel with seven icons and triple 3-digit windows for target, lock/fast and patrol windows. LCD has HEA film and 9 o'clock orientation.


Counting unit

Wt. - 1.1 lbs. (0.498 kg)

1.68" Height, 3.59" Depth, and 5.52" Width

(4.26 cm Height, 10.0 cm Depth, and 14.0 cm Width)


Wt. - 1.2 lbs. (0.544 kg)

2.89" Dia. x 5.26" (includes connector)

(7.3 cm Dia. x 13.3 cm)


Weight - 0.4 lb. (0.181 kg)

1.25" Height, 6.50" Length, and 2.25" Width

(2.0 cm Height, 16.5 cm Length, and 6.8 cm Width)


±1 mph (or kph) stationary

±1mph (or kph) moving, when using Vehicle Speed Sensor

±2mph (or kph) moving, when Vehicle Speed Sensor is not used

Automatic Self-Test:

Performed every 15 minutes while transmitting

Stationary Speed Range:

10 mph to 210 mph Standard (16 to 337 Km/h)

2 mph to 210 mph (3 to 337 Km/h)(set-up menu selectable)

Moving Speed Range:

Patrol speed - Selectable with P.S. 5/20 key:

5 in patrol window for acquisition of 5 to 90 mph (8 to 144 Km/h)

10 in patrol window for acquisition of 10 to 90 mph (16 to 144 Km/h)

20 in patrol window for acquisition of 20 to 90 mph (32 to 144 Km/h)

Patrol speed, once acquired, will track to 150 mph (241 Km/h)

Same direction patrol speed must be greater than 19 mph (30 Km/h)

Opposite direction target speed - 210 mph (337 Km/h) Max closing

For 5 mph (8 Km/h) patrol speed:  20 mph to 205 mph (32 to 329 Km/h)

For 70 mph (112 Km/h) patrol speed:  35 mph to 140 mph (56 to 225 Km/h)

Same direction target speed - Related to patrol speed:

±75% of patrol speed to within 5 mph (8 Km/h) of patrol speed

i.e. For 50 mph (89 Km/h): 15 → 44 mph (24 → 70 Km/h) and 55 → 85 mph

(88 → 136 Km/h)

Faster Speed - Same speed range as stationary or opposite direction speed