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Diamond TTC-4420 Pedestrian Counter

Infrared Beam Volume Interval Counter

The Millennium Trail Counter is a portable, battery operated pedestrian counter for trail usage in remote areas. The original Trail Counter was designed and developed at the U.S. Forest Service Equipment Development Center. Diamond Traffic Products manufactured that unit for years under agreement with the Forest Service.

Diamond Traffic Products has redesigned and upgraded the unit to operate on four “D” cell flashlight batteries for 12-15 months. The new Trail Counter uses a light-weight, watertight aluminum housing which is visually identical to the old counter. However, the external battery box has been eliminated. The counter is designed to bolt to the backside of a tree and is easy to conceal and install. Basically, the instrument consists of a scanner and a reflector. The cast aluminum housing contains the electronics, the optics, a six digit liquid crystal display, a sonic device to aid in beam alignment and provision for the four “D” cell batteries in a lockable battery compartment.

In operation, the scanner is mounted on one side of the trail and the reflector on the other as shown in the sketch. The scanner and reflector can be separated by up to 70 feet. To prevent detection by hikers, which may result in vandalism or tampering, the scanner housing has been designed to be as small as possible and is finished in dull camouflage. The infrared beam is not visible to the naked eye, and the counter makes no noise. The counter has been designed so it cannot be tripped by falling leaves, walking sticks swung by hikers or other small objects, and so that it will not register more than one count for long objects like horses, canoes and cycles.

The 70’ range obtained with the Trail Counter gives field personnel the opportunity to use natural camouflage. The TTC-4420 comes with one hour time interval data recording ability. Our Centurion software can be used to yield count totals for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 hours, 12 hours, one day, weekly or monthly. The unit keeps grand total and up to 400 days of one hour interval records. The TTC-4420 also comes a proprietary serial port for transferring data to our DataHog Field Data Collector.


TTC4420 Ships with three lag bolts, four reflectors and keychain with magnet.


Portable Data Download Device

The Datahog is a portable data collection device for traffic counters. It will automatically connect to a traffic counter and download all the data files into its memory. Once all data has been collected, the Datahog is then connected to a PC where the data is easily transferred using the Centurion software program.

Included with the Purchase of the Datahog is a Null Modem Cable.

8 Megabytes of non-volatile flash memory for data storage

Operates up to 8 Hours on a single 9v battery

10 Segment LED Bargraph display



25.5cm x 7.5cm x 18cm


Weathertight IP64 cast aluminum case with separated battery compartment




Four "D" alkaline batteries. Average life is 12-15 months.


LCD 6 digit


Continuous volume grand total


10,000 - 1 hour intervals (over 400 days)


9400 A


23 metres


1 year plus