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Law Enforcement

Stalker Basic StalkerII

Hand Held Radar

Superior hand held radar from the experts in the field “Applied Concepts”. With decades of experience Applied Concepts have solutions for law enforcement, security and general speed measurement. Backed up by Ballinger Technologys 22 years of experience in this field we are a hard team to beat!

Moving Mode Radar

Cutting edge moving mode radar for law enforcement and security applications. The mainstay of Police departments around the world the Stalker DSR offers all the features of a current day radar with many more and for advanced performance in an economical package the Stalker Patrol is hard to beat.

Stalker Patrol Stalker DSR


  X-Series LIDAR from Stalker the specialists in vehicle speed detection. Smaller and Lighter than other hand held Lidar, Stalker leads the industry with this innovative product.

Vehicle Speedometers

Ballinger Technology’s own series of speedometers have for many years set the standard for speedometers and time, distance and speed measurement for law enforcement in Australia. Check out our latest version of the SDS Detector speedometer.

TDS Detector SDS Detector

Stalker CopTrax In Car Video

CopTrax, the latest in In Car Video from Stalker. Run from a laptop CopTrax does away with expensive hardware with a focus on software. Turn your smartphone into a body worn video and view in realtime what is happening in the field at the command and control centre.