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Stalker CopTrax

With the Stalker Coptrax In Car Video the Future is now.

Watch a video feed of a high-risk stop as it happens while knowing the street level position of every car participating in the takedown. Think of the tactical advantage of having an overhead map view of all of your nearby assets in case the subject decides to bolt.

You can do this and more with CopTrax from Stalker, the police technology leader.

No Bulky DVR
No DVR or other type video recorder is needed. In fact, there is no dedicated system enclosure to take up scarce space in the vehicle.

Lowest Cost of Ownership
Less hardware means lower cost of ownership. Plus, uploading video to Cloud storage eliminates the backoffice cost and headaches of file storage, archiving, and retrieval.

Streaming Video with GPS Overlay
The CopTrax in-car video system streams video with GPS location information, accessible in real-time from any internet-connected computer.

Pre-set triggers initiate the video recording - lights on, exceeding a certain speed, keyed microphone, for example.

Uses Patrol Vehicle Laptop
CopTrax is software running on the vehicle's laptop. The video/audio file is written to the computer's hard drive to be uploaded in the background through its laptop's cellular phone card or through its wireless network connection

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