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CopTrax Mobile

Real-time video streaming and situational awareness technology trialed with the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Initially available for compatible Android devices CopTrax Mobile can broadcast or record video in the same fashion as the CopTrax in-car video system.

The CopTrax™ mobile application can be used for body worn audio/video digital recording and video broadcasting providing advanced Blue Force Tracking capabilities when your officers are out of their vehicles.

CopTrax mobile has been designed so it runs in the background, receives remote commands from the Command and Control Center or directly from CopTrax running on a MDT.

The application can be programmed to automatically start a hands-free video recording when the office leaves the vehicle.

Review incidents as they are happening, monitor officer performance and insure officer safety.

“Live look in” enhances officer safety by enabling the police officers accessing the Command & Control Center to see what the officer with the body-worn device sees. The stored video also helps to resolve discrepancies between the police’s and the public’s account of what took place during an incident.

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