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CopTrax In Vehicle Video

WE SEE A FUTURE The CopTrax In-Car Video System turns the patrol vehicle's laptop, already present in about half of all U.S. police cars, into a streaming video and GPS tracking device. So instead of a dedicated video recorder taking up valuable space in the vehicle, all processing and communications functions are controlled by the in-car laptop.

Minimal Hardware requirements:


The proprietary CopTrax application, written on Microsoft Azure’s web app platform, runs like any other Windows program. CopTrax can be minimized and run in the background until a pre-set trigger event (siren, lights, etc.) initiates a switch from Patrol Mode to Incident Mode.

A separate wireless microphone captures speech and other sounds during incident and synchronizes it with the video signal.

Concurrently, CopTrax monitors vehicle latitude/longitude through GPS technology. Vehicle coordinates and travel information are continually updated and overlaid onto the video that is recorded, stored and uploaded to the system's Cloud servers. File transfer is completed based on the fastest transfer possible by either 3G/4G cellular connection or wireless WiFi. Video segments are automatically indexed according to date, time and event identification; officer identification; racial profile; GPS data; vehicle identification; case number; and type of incident that prompted the recording.

The main user controls on the
Interface include:

The second Admin toolbar at the bottom:

Minimal hardware requirements:

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