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SDS Detector

The SDS Detector is a digital speedometer designed for use in in any vehicle. Used by Police departments in Australia it offers a high level of accuracy and compatibility with most vehicles allowing easy transfer from vehicle to vehicle. A CAN bus interface is available to suit most modern vehicles. For law enforcement applications the SDS DEtector can be certified as accurate. Features like “Speed Lock”, which lets the user lock the last displayed speed into the units display, make it a useful tool when checking other motorists speeds.

A water resistant version of the  SDS Detector is also available for use on motorcycles.



  • +/- 2 KPH accuracy with the speed readings averaged over a 2 or 1 second period with a 0.5 second display update rate.
  • Speed Lock switch to allow checked speeds to be locked into the display. The 4th status character in the display, displays L when the speed is locked ie:  L120, with L standing for lock and 120   being the locked speed.
  • Speed displayed in in 1 KPH  or 0.1 KPH increments.

Distance mode:

  • Measures Distance to +/- 1 metre.
  • LOCK switch start s and ends measurement sequences.
  • Distance displayed to 999 metres .


  • Universal interface allows the unit to be installed on any vehicle and the vehicles own speedometer input signal to be used as the input   signal to the TDS Detector.
  • CAN Bus interface available.
  • Calibration to different vehicle types  carried out on a DYNO or by driving over a measured 500 metre distance.
  •  Serial data string contains speed or distance data dependent on the operating mode.
  • Self test function.
  • 12 VDC operation.
  • Dimensions:
  • Car type: 80mm W X 29mm D X 40mm H
  • Motorcycle type: 120mm W X 34mm D X 39mm H (Includes mounting flange.)