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Diamond TT-51 Vehicle counter

Watertight Inductive Loop Vehicle Counter











23.5cm x 20cm x 12cm


Injected molded plastic Pelican case. IP67 watertight with snap latches and Lexan® plastic viewing window. Carrying handle and one way pressure vent to protect against pressure build up.




8 alkaline “D” cell batteries. Battery life approximately 12 months. 110-120VAC version available.


8-digit solid state LCD


Watertight IP67 -40°C to 72°C


Automatic tuning to loops of 70-500uH microhenrys


0.1 to 4 second adjustable time delay for adjustment of long or slow vehicles

The Traffic Tally 51 vehicle counter is a response from our customers to provide a watertight casing to replace the popular Traffic Tally 14/21/41 product lines.

With the same electronics and form the TT-51 is the solution for a weather tight case and consolidates the 14/21/41 units into one solid product option. Operation is identical to the older units and is recommended as a replacement to the older unit form factors.

With solid-state electronics the TT-51 is an accumulator counter for use with an inductive loop(s) buried in gravel or cut in a pavement roadway. The counter is a very low power unit and will operate for one year on a set of eight “D” cell alkaline batteries. The unit is industrial grade for use outdoors and operates in most environmental conditions.

Pelican Watertight Case with Pressure Relief Valve

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Easy View with transparent window